5 Content Ideas That Add Value


Whether you run your business mainly through your blog or through social media… content is king. In order to grab the interest of your audience, you need to be posting real value. Posting ads and join us now links is NOT value. You need to give people a reason to follow you. So, what do…

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3 Ways To Get Leads With Facebook

Jen Thoden PS. I learned how to generate leads and take control of my future by learning some super valuable skills. Are you ready to get more leads for your business? Then click here.

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5 Ways To Develop Trust With Your Prospects


This past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to pick up and spend the weekend at VA Beach. We had never been… even though we live in VA. According to Google, VA Beach is only 3.5 hours away. The plan was to stop at my parents “on the way”… 2.5 hours from our house… to…

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What we can learn from puppies?


I was out running the other day and I ran past a chocolate lab puppy that was about 2 months older than the puppy in this photot. He had longer legs… giant feet… his ears were floppy and too big for his head… and oh boy was he happy. Happy to be apart of life.…

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How To Be More Attractive – Tip #1


Here’s quick tip #1 on how to be more attractive.

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Living In Gratitude and Appreciation


What does it mean to live in a state of gratitude and appreciation?

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This is NOT Leadership


This is a screenshot of a FB post by a network marketer. I came across this in my feed… and I was truly stunned. It says: I have 4 personally sponsored members coming to Charlotte. I’m going to personally get 10 people there (personally enrolled). Because that’s the number I need to hit in order…

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How Your Environments Impact Your Behaviors

tipping point

Right now I’m reading The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference and one particular section inspired me to write this post. In the book, Malcolm Gladwell writes about the influence of our environments… and how it impacts how we act as human beings. He goes into depth about how crime was…

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My 3 Key Ingredients To Success


Discover the 3 things I focus on every single day BEFORE I actually work on my business. If you’re not working on these 3 key areas, then all the marketing you do won’t matter. Watch this video to learn more… Invest in your personal development and mindset daily. Click here to learn about the product…

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All Things Originate From Love

All things originate from love. What does that mean? Jen discusses 2 ways to think about love and how the power of love can change your life, your mind and help you achieve any goal in your life. http://JenThoden.com

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