Have ADHD? Can’t Stay Focused? – 23 productivity secrets


I struggle with ADHD. Staying focused and on task is a real struggle for me. So, any trick or tip I can get that helps me get more done in less time is golden. This video called 23 Productivity Secrets was a life saver for me. Click here to get the video “23 Productivity Secrets”

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MLM Prospecting – The Art of Active Listening


The art of active listening is critical to being successful when MLM prospecting. Learn how to have the right mindset and language that will have your prospects thanking you for the sale. Want to Master Prospecting? Click here to discover My Prospecting Playbook

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#AskJenThoden Friday Marketing Webinar Recording


Every Friday join me on my #AskJenThoden live webinar to ask me questions on how to market your business online using social media. In this webinar we covered how to talk to people about your business and product the RIGHT way. We discussed how to make money fast for the holidays. Watch and learn! Register…

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Don’t Lose Momentum | Daily Mindset Challenge


What’s the best way to derail your progress? When you’re moving along at a good pace… don’t stop! Seems so easy to say… and it’s so easy to do. But when you stop producing content… after a streak… you run the risk of starting all over again from zero. Are you as passionate about mindset…

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How Do People Perceive You? | Daily Mindset Challenge


How do people perceive you? Do they see you as a leader or as a newbie? How can you change that perception quickly so that you can establish yourself as a leader? When people see you as a leader… people will listen to you, buy from you and sign up with you. Are you as…

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Are Your Google Hangouts Cutting In and Out? | Your Daily Social Media Marketing Tip


Last week I hosted a live webinar using Webinars On Air with Google hangouts. It was a bit of a technical disaster. The video had poor sound quality. Apparently I kept cutting in and out. I got kicked out about half way through… so now there are 2 parts. The replay has issues of the…

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HUSTLE! | Daily Mindset Challenge


Are you going to sit around and wait for things to happen or are you going to reach out and take control of your life? This video is a lesson learned watching a VERY painful soccer game this past weekend. I’m thinking they’re not going to go pro… PS. If you like this kind of…

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Webinar Recording: How To Establish Yourself As A Leader In Your Niche and Business


Here’s the recording of last night’s webinar. Discover how to establish yourself as THE authority in your niche and business. PLUS if you’re in network marketing or MLM, you’ll learn how to use both your personal profile page and your Fan page the RIGHT way. Build your audience, increase your sales… and LOVE what you…

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The Power of Gratitude | Daily Mindset Challenge


Are you sincerely grateful for where you are right now? When you focus on gratitude you focus on abundance… and remove your focus from scarcity and lack. What you focus on expands. Learn how to turn your focus on what you want to expand and grow… I highly doubt you want the things you are…

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Social Media Marketing Checklist | Social Media Marketing Tips


I’ve put a checklist together to help you drive RESULTS for your business. These are things that I do on a regular basis… and I thought sharing these would help you. 1. Create a content calendar. I have a ton of ideas that swirl in my head on any given day. For every idea or…

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