June 2015 Income Report

Blog Income Report - June 2015

Hey there! I’m Jen and I have 4 blogs. I currently work full-time and run these blogs in my spare time. So, as a way to stay accountable… I commit to sharing with you my income from each of these blogs and any insights that may help you become more successful with your blogging efforts […] Read more…

Life Rule #49: Slow Down

Life Rule #49: Slow Down

Almost 2 years ago now, I was driving with Joe (my boyfriend) to the beach for a romantic long weekend. The first part of our trek was to drop off his son at his parents’ house in Atlanta. So, we drove from Virginia to Atlanta to meet up with his parents. This was a long […] Read more…

Life Rule #2: Treat People With Love and Respect

Jen Thoden Life Rules #2: Treat People With Love and Respect

The other day Joe (my boyfriend) and I were challenged by a fellow driver over who had the right to park in a parking space… that we parked in. He really triggered us. Implied that we were being racist and just was really unreasonable. Our first reaction was to engage with his angry confrontation and […] Read more…

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