Is This What I Put My Mother Through?

So, last Monday, my son finally got his license. I say “finally” because I feel like he’s been avoiding this milestone event for months. I can tell you, that when I was his age… younger… getting my driver’s license was everything to me. It’s all I thought about for 4 whole months.

4 months.

That is all it took for me to get my driver’s license. Does anyone else remember how ridiculously scary easy it was for us to become drivers? I got my learner’s permit at 15 years 8 months. And on my 16th birthday, I went to DMV, took my test and drove out with my license that day. *Boom*

I then proceeded to drive into random things for a good couple years after that (Burger King sign, mailbox, garage door, etc)… because how can any kid with 4 months of driving experience really be a safe driver?

Nowadays, at least where we live, kids get their learner’s permit at 15 years 6 months… and they aren’t even eligible to take their final test until 16 years 3 months. And for whatever the reason, teenagers are not compelled to get their driver’s license. Seriously?!

I am pretty sure my son sabotaged getting his license at 16 years 3 months. He acted like it was an impossible feat to register for his required Road and Range class. Which I found easily and signed him up.

So, he is now 16 years 7 months and finally has his license!

I danced around like an idiot because I don’t have to pick him and his sister up from their Dad’s after school anymore. Their Dad lives 30 minutes from my house. I don’t have to drive them to school (30 minutes away) anymore. Matt drives Mindy to soccer practice now. He drives himself to gymnastics. I suddenly have all this time on my hands.

HOURS of time that used be taken up by driving back and forth.


I have found myself pacing… waiting for my kids to come home. I miss them.

As much as I HATED that commute. Spending all those hours driving… there was ONE thing that I didn’t hate. Singing out loud together like idiots to songs on the radio. This was our routine on the way home. They would overload me about their day… and then we’d get stupid silly. Laughing. Oh my god, I miss it!

This must be what “Empty Nest Syndrome” feels like.

Well… now it’s time to fill the void. I really do love not having to stop what I’m doing and drive 30 minutes out and back. So… today… I’m going to go for a run… and enjoy not feeling rushed to be somewhere. Because I have no where to be… except waiting for my kids to come home…

Does anyone know what this feels like? Ugh.


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