Life Rule #1: Slow the F* Down!

What’s your hurry?

That’s what my business coach said to me in reaction to my latest meltdown.

I’ve been crunching on my style blog this past year achieving aggressive goals. I have an endless amount of ideas and I want to do everything on that list.

I started getting discouraged because I wasn’t hitting the numbers like I expected and it felt like everything was going wrong.

My whining included:

  • I can’t get what I want done done
  • I’m not meeting my numbers this month
  • I’m really frustrated
  • I’m overwhelmed, I have too much I need to do
  • What if I don’t hit my goals this year?

There was more, but you get the idea.

My business coach interrupted me and said… “Hey Jen. What’s your hurry?”

Which completely derailed me. Umm… I don’t know. What IS my hurry?

I was then instructed to really think about the person I am right now and the person I need to be to run a million dollar business.

Well, shit.

I am not a whining whoah-is-me leader of a million dollar company… damnit. But at that moment I fell into a pool of self doubt, self pity and got all caught up in my head.

We are our worst enemies. I am grateful for my coach because it’s times like this that I need a kick in the ass. Which is what I got.

So, I sat with the sting for a bit and then I thought… F* this. I am the owner of a million dollar company. What IS my hurry?? None.

So, I took a deep breath, stepped back and took a look at my company at a higher level. Where are we going? What is the vision for next year? What do I want to accomplish?

Instead of focusing on the little things that may not be going smoothly are started focusing on where I want to take the vision of the company.

I feel so much better… my company sales jumped the following month and I am clear on my vision for next year. I’m so excited!

So, if you’re trying to do too many things… at high speed… you’re going to end up pulling a muscle. Slow down. Make sure you have the support system in place to handle the high pace you set for yourself. Otherwise, you will crash and have a meltdown… and it doesn’t feel good at all.


Jen Thoden

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