What is personal style?

Personal style is when you act and dress in alignment with your true self. This may seem vague and maybe even frustrating. What does that even mean?! Most people, maybe not you, but most people try to define their personal style by comparing themselves to other people. I want style like them. When you identify with someone as having style, you naturally want to wear the kind of things they’re wearing. But personal style is not JUST about the clothes you wear.

When I think of someone that I recall as having great style, I can’t remember what they were wearing. Not exactly. I might recall some bold color shoes, but not the entire outfit. The truth is that I remember that person because of their essence. I remember the air of confidence. I remember feeling like I wanted to talk to that person all day. I was inspired by that person’s energy and the feeling that they were perfectly comfortable being themselves.

Your clothing style is going to change all the time. Trying to define your style is exhausting. It’s putting boundaries around who you are. Wear the clothes that you really like. It’s not the trend? Who cares! Be the person that is relaxed about who they are and that is what people will remember. They will remember YOU. And the more comfortable you are being true to yourself, the more comfortable you will be in choosing colors and clothes that reflect who you are.

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