That's My Color

Discover Your 5 Signature Colors And Transform Your Life

by Jen Thoden

Have you awakened to the realization that you don’t really know yourself anymore?

This heartfelt guide explains how to get closer to your authentic self through the exploration of color and personal story.

Jen Thoden describes the five colors that will become your signature go-to always-know-these-colors-look-amazing-on-me colors, which include:

  • 2 colors that will bring you immediate confidence in yourself
  • 1 color that will pull your wardrobe together
  • 2 colors that will have you digging deep on who you really are

Jen Thoden discovered her five signature colors when she was struggling with her own identity. She was depressed, divorced, 40 and seemed to have no purpose.

She managed to transform her life into one of success and happiness using the steps she’s outlined in this book.

Discovering her five signature colors helped her get to know her true self, gain confidence in owning her strengths and flaws and the creativity to design a life that truly brings her happiness.

Jen Thoden believes that you can live a happy fulfilled life when you are being your authentic self. Being yourself is so much easier than trying to be someone else. Join Jen on this personal journey and start transforming your life with your signature colors.