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I help women get back to being their creative, playful, loving nature and create a life that is true to them.

After losing my oldest daughter to cancer at the age of 9 and then going through divorce, I went on a journey of self discovery. I spent the past 7 years working on myself. Peeling back layers and layers of crap that was suppressing who I truly was. With each layer, I'd become aware of BS stories that I never realized weren't true.

I have healed and have become a happy and successful woman. I am a wonderful marriage, a beautiful family, a successful business and an abundant life. I am truly happy.

With that said, the year 2020 was the year I discovered my true self. I had been connecting with her in pieces. And then, in 2020, it was like "Oh hello! There you are. I haven't seen you for a very very long time."

It felt like coming home.

I finally allowed myself to do something I used to love doing as a girl. I started to draw and when I did, I felt all the joy and creativity I felt when I was a child. This creative, playful, fun, loving girl is me. She's been buried and now she is shining bright. Her name is Jen Vax.

I am no longer Jen Thoden discovering who she is. I am Jen Vax. She has an inner confidence of who she is. She has stepped into her power and embraces who she truly is. She is content and fulfilled and genuinely happy.

This identity shift was so powerful for me that I became a certified life coach so that I can help women connect to their true essence and start creating a life that brings them happiness and fulfillment.

I believe that you can live a happy fulfilled life when you are being your authentic self. Being yourself is so much easier and more powerful than trying to be someone else. Join me on this personal journey.

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